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Roll Lathe C8450 

 Description of Roll Lathe C8450 

Roll lathe C8450 is mainly employed for the turning processing of roll surface, with cutting tool of high speed steel, cemented carbide, the roll lathe C8450 can carry out rough surface turning and half fine turning of roll cylinder and hole processing. It can also be used for processing of shaft parts with the same weight range of cast iron, steel and non-ferrous metal materials.

 Main Features of Roll Lathe C8450

♦ The lathe bed is made of high grade quality grey cast iron after resin sand molding, and adopts sand sealing structure. It is based on three rectangle flat guide with bottom chip removal design.

♦ The spindle using two point bearing, spindle bearings use high precision spindle bearings and change gear is treated by high frequency quenching process, and adopts the addendum edge process. Spindle box adopts powerful oil for lubrication, spindle front is with reliable labyrinth sealing mechanism which can effectively prevent leakage and external things into the spindle box.

♦ Main transmission is driven by an ac asynchronous motor, with mechanical variable speed, it can get 12-grade speed. The feed system: main shaft make the tool rest to get 12 level vertical and transverse feeding amout through light poles after mechanical variable speed.

♦ Tailstock is composed of the upper and lower body. In the upper body, it is equipped with the tailstock spindle and the spindle center line adjusting mechanism, while the lower body is equipped with the tailstock locking mechanism. The tailstock spindle bearings is designed with high precision double row radical short cylindrical roller bearing with adjustable clearance.

♦ The roll lathe C8450 is equipped with a set of tool holder assembly, adopts special roll lathe tool post structure with very high rigidity.

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