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Slotting Machine B5032


 Description of Slotting Machine B5032

The slotting machine B5032 is used for slotting plane, forming surface and keyway, etc. It also can be used to process molds with inclination less than 10°, which is suitable for single or small batch production enterprises.

This slotting machine has 3 different directions table feed (vertical, horizontal and rotary), so the workpiece can be processed several surfaces after being fixed.
There is a hydraulic drive with ram reciprocates and hydraulic table feed device. Ram keeps the same speed in each stroke, and the ram speed and the table mobile can make stepless adjustment. There is a oil add and direction change divice for the ram stock on the hydraulic console, the table feed can be hydraulic and manual feed, there is still fast moving of vertical, horizontal and rotating driven by a separate drive motor.

The hydraulic feed slotting machine B5032 adopts instant feed, which is superior to drum feed of mechanical slotting machine.

 Technical Parameters of Slotting Machine B5032

Model B5032
Max.slotting length 320mm
Max. size of workpiece (L*H) 600*320mm
Max.weight of workpiece 500kg
Max.cutting force 7500N
No.of strokes per minutem
Vertical ajustment of ram 315mm
Inclination of ram 0-8 °
Distance between tool holdingsurface and column front 600mm
Max.tool shank size (W*H) 25*40mm
Table diameter 630mm
Distance between table surface and low end of ram 490mm
Max.longitudinal travel of table 480/620mm
Max.cross travel of table 480/560mm
Max.Rotary angle of table ±360 °
Range of table longitudinal and cross power feeds  0.08-1.21mm
Range of table power feeds 0.052-0.783
Power of rapid drive motor 4kw
Rotating speeed of main drive motor 960r.p.m
Overall dimensions (L*W*H) 2180*1505*2285mm
Weight(approx) 3500kg

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