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Single Column Vertical Lathe


 Application of Single Column Vertical Lathe:

This single column vertical lathe is employed to machine processing in many industries, which can be used for corase and fine cutting of cylindrical surface, taper surface, end face, grooving, etc.

 Features of Single Column Vertical Lathe:

♦ The workbench of the single column vertical lathe is inlaid by Zinc alloy wear-resisting guide plate, and the guide rail is injected with pressure oil. The workbench is equipped with constant current hydrostatic guidrail. It is thereby able to achieve a high rotating accuracy, large loading and small heat deformation.    

Radial shaft adopts NN30 double row cylindrical roller bearings with high turning precision and big bearing capacity. The spindle is centered by high-pricision double-row short cylindrical roller bearing of which the radial clearance is adjustable. 

The speed of the workbench can be 16-speed control or frequency stepless speed. And the cutter holder can be 12-speed control or frequency stepless speed control.

The transmission of the vertical lathe is driven by vector inverter system, a continuously various speed range can be obtained by 2-shifiting mechanisms.

 The are two types of vertical tool rest, (1) pentagonal turret of vertial tool rest, teragonal turret of side tool rest; (2) teragonal turret of vertical tool rest, no side tool rest. All tool rests balancing with hydrostatic tank. The vertical and horizontal fast feed is driven by AC servo system with stepless adjustable tool rest and fast feed.

The basic parts of the vertical lathe are all casted, processed and assembled in Jiesheng. The casting material is made of high quality cast iron HT250 which is treated by annealing process and vibration process fully removing the casting stress. The guide rail, column and beam are treated by super audio quenching.

Digital control or digital display can be customized according to customers’ need. 

 Technical Parameters:
Item Unit C5112 C5116 C5120 C5123 C5126
Max. turning diameter mm 1250 1600 2000 2300 2600
Work table diameter mm 1000 1400 1800 2000 2300
Max weight of work-piece t 3.2 5 8 8 10
Max height of work-piece mm 1000 1000 1150 1150 1350
Speed range of working table r/pm 6.3-200 5-160 3.2-100 2.5-80 1.2-40
Steps   16 16 16 16 16
Horizontal travel of tool post mm 700 915 1150 1150 1300
Vertical travel of  tool post mm 650 800 800 800 1000
Horizontal travel of side tool head mm 600 630 630 630 630
Vertical travel of side tool head mm 800 900 1150 1150 1150
Motor power kw 18.5 22 30 30 37
Overall dimensions  (L.W.H) mm 2460x2380

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 This video shows the working of double column vertical lathe made by Jiesheng.


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