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Shaping Machine B6050


 Description of Shaping Machine B6050

The shaping machine B6050 is employed for planing flat and shaped surfaces, which is more efficient for processing flat surface, T-shaped groove and dovetail slots of narrow workpiece. If it is installed with special vise or indexing head, this shapping machine B6050 is able to process face and aliquots slot of shaft and rectangular parts.

 Features of Shaping Machine B6050

1. The ram stock of the planer B6050 adopts a torsion spring inner fixed guide structure, and the operator can adjust the tool to any position during the motion of the ram stock.

2. Feeding and rapid traverse table adopt fully enclosed cam ratchet mechanism, which can change the feeding rate without stopping the machine, and there is a chip overload insurance system.

3. Speed cam curve groove back wheel mechanism can make any direction rotation according to the set speed.

 Technical Parameters
Max. Working Length   500 mm 
Max. Distance From Ram Underside to Table    370 mm 
Max. Movement Distance of Table  Horizontal 500 mm 
Vertical 300 mm
Max. Rotation Angle of Table Without Vise ±90°
  With Vise ±55°
Max. Vertical Stroke of Turret    110 mm 
Ram Reciprocating   15,24,37,51,64,80,
102,126,158 times/min 
Ratchet Rotate 1 Grid Vertical 0.0845 mm 
Horizontal 0.133 mm 
Ratchet Rotate 10 Grids Vertical 0.845 mm 
Horizontal 1.33 mm
Motor   3kW1420 r/min 
Vise Dimension (L×W×Max. distance between jaws)   240×64×215 mm 
Dimension (L×W×H)   1,943×1,160×1,533 mm
Packing Dimension (L×W×H) Export 2,150×1,340×1,470 mm
Domestic 2,210×1,450×1,470 mm
Net   1,800 kg 
GW   2,100 kg 

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