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Radial Drilling Machine Z3050


Product Description:

Z3050×16 radial drilling machine is suitable for the medium and large parts drilling, reaming, and tapping plane, etc. Under the conditions of complete process equipment, it can be used for boring. Radial Drilling Machine Z3050 has Hydraulic preselection speed change mechanism. Only a control handle for all operation.

Technical Parameter:

Specifications: Z3050 × 16/I
Maximum drilling diameter: 50 mm
Spindle nose to table distance: 320-1220 mm
Spindle center to column distance: 350-1600 mm
Spindle taper hole (Morse): 5
Spindle speed range: 25-2000 r.p.m
Spindle Feed range: 0.04-3.20 r.p.m
Spindle feed rate: 16
Rocker rotation angle: 360 °
Main motor power: 4 kw
Lifting motor power: 1.5 kw
Table size: 500 × 630 mm
Machine weight: 3500  kg
Dimensions: 2500 × 1070 × 2840 mm

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