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Punching Machine J23-40T



Owing to the rigid structure of Slider crank mechanism, the movement of slider-block is compulsory, spm and motion curve are also changeless. It has open-type frame, which is open to three directions, being convenient to installment, disassembly and operation of mould. The frame of slider crank mechanism can slightly slanted by adjustment for ease of stamping parts or waste sliding from mould, which provides good conditions for the achievement of stamping mechanization and automation.

Detailed Parameter:

Model J23-40T
Nominal pressure (KN) 400
Slide Stroke (mm) 100
Number of stroke (min-1) 50
Maximum module height (mm) 250

Die set height adjustment (mm) 80
Distance from sliding block center to the frame (mm) 500
Size of working table (front-back×right - left×hole diameter)mm 430×640×130
Thickness of working table (mm) 70
Foundation size of sliding block(front-back×right-left)mm 215×245

Stemhole Size(diameter×size) mm Φ50×70
Column Distance (mm) 250
Motor KW 4
Dimension (L×W×W) mm 1650×1450×2360
Weight (KG) 2600 approx


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