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CW61200 Horizontal Lathe Machine (15tons load bearing)  


 Features of Horizontal Lathe:

♦ Three or four-track rail structure of the lathe bed, good rigidity, large capacity, good accuracy;
The main drive of the horizontal lathe is driven by a DC motor, three hydraulic speed change;
Headstock spindle adopts penetrating shaft structure, high-precision adjustable radial clearance double row cylindrical roller bearings, adopts large diameter spindle and best supporting span improving the ratary precision of the spindle and dynamic and static stiffness.
Feed drive is connected to the main drive. Slide carriage has excellent performance with a fast moving and compound feed function.
The tailstock adopts built-in live center structure, large carrying weight. The CW61200 horizontal lathe can be moved manually or electrically, simple operation of the movement mechanical at the lathe end. 

 Data Sheet:

Swing Over Bed



Swing Over Carriage mm 1600
Max. Length of Work Piece Between Two Centers  mm 3000-18000
Max. Weight of Work Piece  ton 15
Guide Way width mm 1100
Spindle Bore mm 130
Taper Hole of Spindle    Metric 140
Spindle Speed r/min 2-200 (Foreward )
2.24-178 (Reversal)
Number of Spindle Speed kinds 21 (Foreward ) 
12 (Reversal)
Feed Motion
Number of Feeds per Revolution 
(Longitudinal/ Transverse)
mm 56 kinds;0.1-12/ 56kinds;0.05-6
Number and Range of Metric Thread mm 44;1-120
Number and Range of Inch Thread . 31;24-1/4T.P.I
Number and Range of Module Thread mm 45;0.5-60
Number and Range of Diametrical Pitch Thread . 38; 1/2-56Dp
Tool Post
Max. Travel of Lower Slide mm 1010
Max. Travel of Middle Tool Slide mm 300
Max. Travel of Top Slide mm 200
Tool Rest Fast Moving Speed  Longitudinal Mm/min 3740
Tool rest fast moving speed  Horizontal Mm/min 1870
Diameter of Tailstock Quill mm 180
Travel of Tailstock Quill mm 300
Taper Hole of Tailstock Quill Metric Metric 80
Main Motor Power kw 22
Lathe Size(Lx  (lLLWXH) mm Lx2410x2770
Acceptance Standard
 Standard Accessories:

♦ Four-jaw Chuck        
Centre rest                  
Open roller carrier           
Leveling bolts               
Chuck wrench               
Knife rest worktable wrench    
Oil gun     

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