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Horizontal Lathe CA6150


 Specifications of Horizontal Lathe CA6150

1, bed turning diameter: 500mm
2, turret turning diameter: 300mm
3, bed rail width: 400mm
4. distance between the two tops: 750/1000/1500/2000mm
5, spindle speed range: 10 ~ 1400rpm
6, spindle bore diameter: 52mm for CA6150, 80mm for CA6150D
7, front spindle taper: No.6
8, main motor power: 7.5Kw
9, feed quantity: 64 kinds
10, metric thread range: 1 ~ 192mm
11, Inch thread range: 2 ~ 24TPI (21 species)
12, bed vertical rapid traverse: 4m/min
13, cross turret stroke: 320mm
14, small turret movement stroke: 140mm

 Advantages of Horizontal Lathe CA6150

1, When longitudinal Auto feed, the apron hand wheel can be automatically disconnected to prevent injuring the operator.
2, There is an unloading device lathe on the tailstock, which can reduce the operator's labor intensity.
3, The horizontal lathe CA6150 can process the metric, inch and modulus thread without changing the hanging wheel.
4, Self-lubrication of headstock and feed box.
5, Four-way rapid moving turret.
6, Scope: the horizontal lathe CA6150 is mainly employed to process axis parts with outer round surface, inner hole surface and end face.

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