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Who We Are?

We are Zhengzhou Jiesheng Heavy Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Jiesheng is a leading heavy machinery manufacturer in China, and we provide supreme  lathes for customers.   

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What We Do?

We provide various digital display control, CNC, heavy and light lathe, such as horizontal lathes, face lathes, column vertical lathes, boring-milling lathes, deep hole boring machine, etc.  

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Global Trade

Established in 1990, Jiesheng having been a professional lathe supplier in international market and our products have been exported to Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore Chile and Peru, etc.  

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Light horizontal lathe can do external cylindrical surface turning, inner hole and end face turning. It can also turn various intemal and external metric, inch, module and diametrical pitch threads.  

Light Horizontal Lathe

Heavy horizontal lathe is mainly employed to process heavy machinery parts such as large shaft, supporting rollers, rollers, fan shaft, nuclear pressure volume, turbine parts and parts used in mining, railway, aviation fields.

Heavy Duty Lathe Machine

Face lathe (landing lathe) can be employed to process heavy machinery components with large diameter such as flange, heavy shafts, moulds, valve and pipe fittings.  

Face Lathe Machine

Jiesheng vertical lathe can be used for corase and fine cutting process of cylindrical surface, taper surface, end face, grooving, etc. The vertical lathe can be single column vertical lather and double-column vertical lathe.  . .d

Vertical Lathe